What’s Left 1.1
Display product nutri- and eco-score automatically on ALL your receipts!

illustration: Smartphone utilisant la fonctionnalité de scan de documents
May 3rd, 2023

The new What’s Left 1.1 enriches the data of the receipts for a better nutritional choice and a lower ecological impact.  

Grocery shopping? At first glance, one could say that it is just a series of routine steps and habits of everyday life. However, this task is not so trivial. In addition to its financial consequences, it represents the choice of our food and has therefore a direct impact on our nutrition and health. Also, shopping is not without any ecological fallouts. Any product we consume has environmental costs, from production to final consumption.  

Illustration - Client se posant des questions quant à l'impact écologique de ses courses

Do you consume responsibly?

Are you aware of the ecological impact of your grocery shopping?

Do you have a healthy and balanced diet ?  

What’s Left gives you answers to these questions by offering you a new receipt functionality: the automatic display of the nutri- and eco-score of your products in your receipts.  

Screenshot: after scanning a receipt, the different scores are being displayed in the receipt in What's Left
What's Left's new feature : additional product data retrieval in all receipts.

Enabling the automatic display starts with an initial barcode scan of the bought articles in the receipts.

The app What’s Left and all of its features is based on receipt scanning.

  1. So, one should first scan a receipt.
  2. Second, we scan the article barcodes to get information such as the eco-score, the nutri-score, the nova-score or the ingredient table (the information comes from the Open Food Facts database)...
Screenshots of the app What's Left: receipt and barcode scanning
Receipt scanning is essential in What's Left. After this first step, we can add more details to the products by scannng their barcodes.

Automatic display of the scores in all receipts

Before version 1.1, the information obtained for a given item was only available once and only in the scanned receipt. With the newly introduced feature, the data "retrieval" of the first barcode scan is activated. In other words, if the user buys again an item which barcode was already scanned, this item and its associated information will automatically appear in the next receipts or even in the previously scanned ones.
That way, the What’s Left receipt becomes even smarter. In a very short period of time, the saved receipts in What’s Left give you a complete summary of your food choices. One doesn't analyse product per product anymore, but more on a global scale. Afterall, our diet can't be summed up to a few products but is really the sum of all our grocery shopping.

How does this work practically?

  • A first receipt is scanned. (check the tutorial «how to scan a receipt in What's Left»). Then, the items are scanned. To do so, it is very easy. You just need to tap the barcode icon next to the item name. When the item is scanned, this icon will turn from green to black. This indicates that the barcode is saved.
    Captures d'écran d'un article scanné dans What's Left
    On the left, the icon is green and there is no additional information. On the right, the barcode is black and the scores are displayed.
  • A second receipt is scanned. If the previously scanned items are on this receipt, then the barcodes are "retrieved" and the information about the item appears: photo, eco-score, nova-score and nutri-score. The icon next to the item name is green. Why is it green? This is an indication that the application has guessed that it is a previously scanned item.
    Captures d'écran d'un article scanné et deviné dans What's Left
    The icon is green and the scores are availbale: the barcode was retrieved.
    For more options, the user can go to the item details and has the choice between:
    • Make correction to the barcode. What’s Left has made an error. The barcode and the retrieved information are wrong. In order to make a correction, it's enough to scan the right item.
      Delete the barcode. The barcode is wrong abd the user doesn't have the product at hand. It's best to delete the barcode and scan it later.
      Captures d'écran d'un article scanné et deviné dans What's Left
      To make a correction to the barcode assigned to the item, simply scan the "right" barcode corresponding to the item.
    • Approve the barcode. In this case: all information will be transferred and saved for this item. Information such as ingredients, nutritional table will then appear in the detail of the article.
      Screenshots of a scanned article and then guessed in What's Left
      Beneath the barcode, all the items that most likely have this barcode are listed. If the barcode matches, it is possible to apply the information to this article in the receipt.
    • Not doing anything. Scores will keep on being displayed in the receipt overviews and the guessed barcode is to be found in the item details view.
  • There is one last case: several barcode icons are displayed next to the item name. When and why could this happen? This tells us that What’s Left found more than one barcode that could apply to the item. A clear assignment of a single barcode is not possible.. What’s Left will then suggest several barcodes that the user can either approve or reject, or scan completely again if the results are not satisfactory. 

What about your grocery shopping? Do you have a healthy and balanced diet?

To figure it out, get your receipts! Set? Scan! 

It is important to note that this functionality would not be possible without the Open Food Facts database 

You can read a complete list of our release notes for the new version 1.1 here.

Any questions ? Any comments ? Don't hesitate to contact us at info@tellmewhatsleft.de