What food
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People at the supermarket. Woman checking her cell phone. The app tells her what food she has left at home.

What's Left: the app that scans your supermarket receipts to calculate what's left in your kitchen.

It's saturday morning. it's obvious: the fridge is empty. Your kids are asking you if there's any peanut butter left. Your partner is looking for marmelade and you don't have any coffee left. The good thing is that you have noticed that some stuff is missing. Do you know what you should put on your shopping list? Are you so organized that you have an inventory of your available food? Are you tracking your kitchen ingredients? Most likely not. Do you go through all your closets and your fridge before going shopping? Or do you rather follow your intuition? What if someone could tell you in a few seconds what's left and in which quantity? What's Left does exactly that! The app gives you a prognosis of all the food left in your house, based on your supermarlet receipts. The more receipts you scan in the app, the more precise What's Left will be.

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Receipt scanning

What's Left - receipt scanning functionality.

The first step in the app is to scan your supermarket receipts. This way, you can retrieve all your purchased articles on your phone. All the receipt information is saved. What's Left can scan the following receipts: REWE, Aldi, Lidl, Edeka, Marktkauf, Kaufland, REAL, Netto and Fressnapf in Germany. HOFER, INTERSPAR and SPAR in Austria. Intermarché, Aldi, Lidl and Carrefour in France.

Digitalize your receipts in a few seconds
What's Left Challenge: scan a wrinkled receipt
What's Left - smart receipt scanning

Food inventory prognosis

What's Left - prognosis of what food is left at home.

What makes What's Left so unique is its prognosis feature. It tells you what food you have left at home. What's Left bases its prognosis on all the receipts you have scanned in the app. As soon as you have enough scanned receipts (2 to 3), a pourcentage bar will show in your What's Left items. Moreover, an estimation of the quantity left will be calculated and shown.

What's Left's smart kitchen inventory

Analysis of your grocery shopping

Graph showing evolution of apple consumption

Your receipts are not only archived, but also give you information about your purchasing and consumption habits. Do you know how much food you spend per year for meat? And how many kilos of meat you consumer per year? Or how many apples you eat per year? Or would you rather follow your coffee consumption? What's Left answers all your questions!

Barcode Scanner

What's Left - receipt scanning functionality.

With What's Left , you also have the possibility to scan the barcodes of the food items you already bought. This way, you can always check the nutrition facts of your purchased and consumed articles.
To make this possible, What's Left uses the collaborative database of Open Food Facts.

Open Food Facts Logo

Display product nutri- and eco-score automatically on ALL your receipts

Shopping List

WhatsLeft's shopping list functionality

A shopping list is composed of What's Left articles. Either you add all these articles in a new shopping list, or you let What's Left do the work for you. As soon as you are short of an article, it will be automatically added to your shopping list.

Account sharing

What's Left - Synchronization functionality

You are most likely not the only person to shop at your place? If this is the case, you can share your What's Left account with another person. For example, if you share an account with your partner, you can see his or her changes in real time. She or he saves a new receipt? It will show up automatically on your phone. This way, your account stays updated at all times.

Recipe predictions

What's Left - Synchronization functionality

Your fridge isn't empty yet. Still you're asking yourself what you could eat. Are you lacking inspiration and you'd like to use the ingredients that are already in your kitchen cabinets? Save your receipts in What's Left ! The app will then give you an overview of all recipes that you could possibly cook, based on your existing stocks.


Icon Save time at the supermarket with What's Left
Save time

Take a quick look at the shopping lists that are automatically created by What's Left! No need to spend a lot of time checking what's to be shopped!

Icon Save Money at the supermarket with What's Left
Save money

Don't waste food anymore! Avoid buying what you already have in your kitchen! And keep track of all your expenses anywhere and anytime!

Icon: health and nutrition
Nutrition Check

What's Left can also scan the barcodes of your food products! Check the Nutri-Score, ECO-Score and the nutritional quality of all your products!

Icon: digitilize your food storage
Digital food storage

At any time of the day, on your way to work or at home, access your kitchen inventory!

Icon: Protection of your personal data
Protection of your personal data

What's Left respects your privacy! We do not track the data entered in the app for promotional or advertising purposes and do not pass it on to third parties!

Icon: the app is free
All features are free

You have free access to ALL What's Left features: scan a receipt, create a shopping list, create an inventory... Use the features as you please! ;)

Environment Icon !
Stop food waste

Lessen your environmental impact by optimizing your grocery shopping and smart managing your food inventory.


What's Left is born

What's Left was born in the swabian Jura in Germany during the first Corona weeks in spring 2020. What's Left's creator took up the challenge to digitalize his kitchen and to update it autmatically. One summer without a pool nor vacation in southern France and hundreds of hours of work later, the challenge is mastered. Or at least the basic idea!

What's Left's Mission

Let's face it: grocery shopping is rather a chore than anything pleasant. Hence, we want to help you shop in a more comfortable and efficient way so you can save time for things that matter to you. What's Left enables you to digitalize, to control and to evaluate all your supermarket purchases. Even better: What's Left gives you a prognosis of what's left at home. Then, you always have an overview of what you may need anytime anywhere.

What's Left installieren

What's Left is currently only available for iPhone and is available in the AppStore.

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